Block Splitters

These Splitter are generally used as primary Splitters thus eliminating many hours in sawing time. 

  • 1280X400 120/160T
  • 1000X400 220T
  • 1000X600 220/320T
  • 1000X800 320T
  • 1200X800 320T
  • 1300X600 240T/2
  • 1000X1000 500Ton
  • 1600X800 500Ton

Mobile Site machine with Diesel Engine /Electric Power Unit

Diesel Engine Model designed as a portable machine for building contractors and Stone Masons.

600X300 60T

Slab Splitters

A modified version of the site machine above and very popular with many walling stone producers in England. Basically a manually Operated but with very high production rates. This Splitter can also be customised to operate as a fully automatic line.

Cobble Splitters

Models used for Cobble Stones

  • 160X180  20T
  • 240X320  40/60T
  • 320X320  40/60T

Rapid production Machines with foot pedal operation and photocell system for operator safety.


Models used for Production of Paving Stones, Tiles and Primary Block Splitting 

  • 600X300 50T
  • 800X280 60T
  • 1000X250 90/120 T
  • 1280X250 120T

Perfect for Splitting Natural or Sawn stone slabs to create Paving. Can also be customised to automatically produce cobbles from Sawn Slabs.

Walling Splitters

These Splitters are the “work horses” of the walling Stone industry world wide and are powered by a super silent hydraulic unit. Designed for maximum production efficiently with minimum Labour.

Models especially designed for the production of Walling Stones

  • 600X550 180 Ton
  • 500X550 160 Ton
  • 480X450 100/120 Ton
  • 400X350 70 Ton

Add a hopper feed Conveyor 4000X1000 and you have a one person production line.


The new B M B Lines are the perfect solution for producers who have a high percentage of large /heavy stones. This system enables the Stones to be fed underneath the Blade with minimum of effort.

Steinex 600×300 semi automatic stone slab splitter. Produces high quality walling stone and this machine has fork truck loading facility. Second generation design especially suitable for the UK market.

Automatic Stone Splitter for Walling Slabs. Reduces the number of Operators required for walling line production, and can be incorporated into lines with Robotic or Fork Truck Loading. Production speeds may be varied to suit processing of finished product.