Block Splitters

These Splitter are generally used as primary Splitters thus eliminating many hours in sawing time. 

  • 1280X400 120/160T
  • 1000X400 220T
  • 1000X600 220/320T
  • 1000X800 320T
  • 1200X800 320T
  • 1300X600 240T/2
  • 1000X1000 500Ton
  • 1600X800 500Ton

Mobile Site machine with Diesel Engine /Electric Power Unit

Diesel Engine Model designed as a portable machine for building contractors and Stone Masons.

600X300 60T

Slab Splitters

A modified version of the site machine above and very popular with many walling stone producers in England. Basically a manually Operated but with very high production rates. This Splitter can also be customised to operate as a fully automatic line.

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